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Common Dryer Problems

Common Dryer Problems

Did your dryer stop working? Sometimes it is not a big deal. And you don’t have to call a repair professional. There is a possibility you can fix this minor issue yourself. But we still highly recommend to call an appliance repair company about bigger problems.Common Dryer Problems

Let’s take a look at what could happen to your dryer. however

It won’t turn on

– At first, make sure that electricity is reaching your dryer. You might need to use multi-meter to check the voltage of outlet. If your outlet is good, then the problem is with the cord. Probably, you need a new one.

– Another reason can be a faulty terminal block. You will need to remove the power cord access panel and check the voltage with your multi-meter.

– Also, sometimes lint gets stuck in the door switch. And this prevents the door from closing properly and engaging the switch.

It’s too noisy

–  Most of the dryers have plastic glides in the front end of the drum. As over time they get worn off. Maybe, you just need to change them.Common Dryer Problems

–  Also too much lint or some other things can get stuck in the blower wheel. So cleaning out the blower can solve the problem.

– As there are many parts in your dryer, some of them get worn off. Check the belt or drum support roller.

Too hot or no heat

– Here, you’d better check the lint trap first. Excessive lint build-up causes a lot of issues.

– At this point, the problem can be with faulty thermostat or heating element as well.

It doesn’t tumble

– As we mentioned above, some parts can get worn off. Because of that, check the belt or the drum support roller.

– Of course, there could be troubles with the motor. But we recommend to leave this issue to the professionals.

Common Dryer Problems

These are some main common troubles. And in case of major problems you should call a professional. Also, you will get a warranty for the results.

Common Dryer Problems