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How to choose a dryer?

Dryers have become one of the basic appliances in everyone’s household. As there is plenty of different brands and models on the market, it can be confusing which one is right for you. Do you need to buy a new dryer? Or maybe, are you thinking of updating the old one? Here we pointed out several things for you to keep in mind. electric dryer repair Ottawa

Gas or Electric

This is the first thing you should decide. Of course, gas dryer will save you a few dollars on electric bills. But you will need a proper gas line and professional installation. So, if you have gas line in your laundry room, we recommend such dryers. They also work a little faster than electric ones. however

In case if you consider moving to a different place in a few years or so, the option of electric dryer is better. As not every house is equipped for it. And you can take your laundry set with you. electric dryer repair Ottawa

Capacity electric dryer repair Ottawa

This point is an easy one. The dryer should be about twice bigger by capacity than the washer. This way your laundry will dry faster and evenly without consuming more electricity than needed. The bigger dryer, the more energy is required. Though sometimes we can say this about too small dryers. Because you might run it twice, as not all the load fits at once. electric dryer repair Ottawa


Most of the dryers nowadays have moisture or dryness sensors. Which give them high performance and efficiency. Also, these sensors will allow you to control dryness levels. Permanent press feature will give your clothes less wrinkles, and this means less ironing.

Of course, there are some extra features. A few of the latest dryers have steam cleaning cycles. They will use the power of evaporated water for these brief cycles. They are good at removing light stains, unpleasant odors, or sanitizing non-washable items. Though this cycle is helpful in removing some wrinkles, do not expect it to substitute ironing. electric dryer repair Ottawa

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