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Bottom Mount Fridge. Pros and Cons.

The fridge and freezer are two of the most important appliances in your home. When you stop to consider it, they’re constantly running, and they’re almost certainly being used more often than any other household appliance. There are many types of refrigerators on the market today. One of them is bottom mount fridge. refrigerator repairs Ottawa

So what is a bottom mount fridge? It is a refrigerator with a freezer that is located at the bottom of the unit. They are sometimes referred to as upside down fridges.

Bottom mount fridges are all about convenience – and saving you from back pain. refrigerator repairs Ottawa

refrigerator repairs ottawaPros refrigerator repairs Ottawa

  • Logical fridge design. Bottom mount fridges put refrigerated goods at eye level, which will suit anyone who cooks predominantly with fresh ingredients.
  • The freezer often has handy slide-out baskets refrigerator repairs Ottawa

Cons refrigerator repairs Ottawa

  • Marginally more expensive to run than top mount fridges
  • Can be slower to chill, especially in the freezer refrigerator repairs Ottawa
  • Bottom mount fridges tend to be more expensive than top mount fridges and offer less design variety but they more than make up for this in convenience.
  • Buying a bottom mount fridge will mean that you may have to bend down to access frozen foods, however, most freezers tend to have pull out drawers for easy access.

In conclusion, the benefit of a bottom mount fridge means that all your fresh groceries are within easy reach. If you do not access your freezer frequently then a bottom mount fridge is right for you. These fridges are available in a range of sizes from 300 liters for a small household, to 520 liters to suit a family of four.