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Buying an oven. Which one is right for you?

Electric ovens tend to be the most popular choice. They deliver great results when it comes to even heat distribution. Moreover, they achieve much more accurate temperatures, ensuring reliable cooking.

But, as with most appliances, such as dishwashers and clothes dryers, there are a whole host of different factors you need to take into consideration before coming to a decision.

So if you’re looking to buy a new oven or upgrade your existing one, then this article would be exactly what you need before coming to a final decision on which one to take.

Type of Ovens electric oven repairs Ottawa

If you’re fairly new to the oven game, then you should know that there isn’t just one stock standard type. There are multiple different types of ovens, which might suit you depending on a variety of different factors. The most common ones are as follows:

electric oven repairs Ottawa

  • Wall ovens electric oven repairs Ottawa
  • Free-standing ovens stove repair Ottawa
  • Toaster ovens electric oven repairs Ottawa
  • Steam ovens stove repair Ottawa
  • Conventional and Convection ovens
  • Microwave ovens electric oven repairs Ottawa

How will It Fit? electric oven repairs Ottawa

Built In stove repair Ottawa

The oven is placed within a column cabinet at eye-level. This makes lifting dishes in and out of the oven much easier as there’s no bending required, great for hefty cookware.

Built Under stove repair Ottawa

The oven is fitted underneath a worktop, fitting alongside kitchen cabinets for a seamless look. Not all ovens can be built-under; they must be under 70cm tall to be built-under.


The most common oven size is a width of 60cm, whereas larger ovens are classified as being 90cm or wider. There are 3 different classes of ovens which fit into these size ranges:

  • Single ovens firstly
  • Double ovens secondly
  • 1 ½ ovens at last

Single Oven

With a single oven you get the one cavity to bake, roast and grill in. At around 60cm tall they can be built-in or built-under. The average single oven has a 64L capacity. They’re very popular, so you’ll have plenty of choice. Single ovens can also come in wider sizes (up to 90cm), but the trays and shelves in these sizes can be cumbersome and awkward to carry.

Double Ovens

A double oven is essentially two single ovens stacked on top of one another, allowing you to cook different meals at the same time at different temperatures.  Therefore, it can greatly improve your productivity. In terms of width, they are the same as single ovens (60-90cm), but are much taller. If you are someone who lives in a particularly large household (>5) or entertains guests regularly, then definitely consider a double oven.

1 ½ ovens:

Kind of a middle ground between single and double ovens, 1 ½ ovens also contain two separate ovens, but only one can perform a large variety of functions. The other will only have 1 or 2 shelves, and can only perform the most basic of cooking tasks.  They are still useful if you need to cook multiple different meals at times, but can’t quite afford a double oven.

Oven Functions

Most electric ovens come with a choice of cooking functions, the most common of which are:

  • Conventional Bake:

    the oven is heated by heating elements at the bottom and top of the oven. This setting is suitable for most oven cooked foods. Oven temperature will be hotter at the top.

  • Bottom Bake:

    the oven is heated by the bottom element only. Often used for foods requiring a crisp base but not too much browning on the top, such as pies, pizzas and quiches. Oven temperature will be hotter at the top. The bottom bake setting is also first choice for casseroles, which require more bottom heat, more time and no browning.

  • Fan Assisted Bake:

    the oven is heated by the top and bottom elements with air being circulated by a fan. The fan has the effect of providing a more even heat at all levels of the oven and is used when cooking foods on several trays, which require the same temperature.

  • Fan Assisted Bottom Bake:

    the oven is heated only by the bottom element with air being circulated by the fan. The fan will circulate air to even out the temperature throughout the oven. stove repair Ottawa

  • Fan Forced:

    the oven is heated by a heating element situated behind the fan, at the back of the oven. Fan forced cooking provides immediate high heat to give even heat distribution and faster cooking. However since this setting is quite fierce it’s necessary to reduce normal cooking temperatures by 10-20 degrees C. stove repair Ottawa

  • Full Grill:

    the oven will have a grilling element at the top of the oven to provide radiant heat to the food. Half Grill: the grilling element will be in two halves, only one of which will be used. electric oven repairs Ottawa

  • Fan Assisted Grill:

    as the name suggests, the fan at the back of the oven will operate with the grill. Using the fan with the grill reduces the surface temperature of the food whilst still producing browning and enables food to be cooked for longer without burning.

  • Defrost:

    the fan is operated on its own to circulate air at room temperature. electric oven repairs Ottawa

  • Light:

    the oven may have one or two lights so that food can be viewed whilst cooking. stove repair Ottawa

Self-Cleaning Ovens

Top range ovens use a high temperature pyrolytic cleaning system which cleans every part of the oven’s interior. During the cleaning cycle the oven temperature rises to 500ºC and any soiling in the oven is carbonized and falls to the floor of the oven as ash. A catalytic converter in the oven roof neutralizes the smoke created. However, the process takes two to three hours and needs to be carried out every few weeks. electric oven repairs Ottawa

Timers and clocks:

The importance of a timer on an oven can never be stressed enough, as they can stop you from accidentally forgetting about your food and can even prevent fires. Some ovens nowadays also have a feature in their timers that turns the oven off once the timer runs out, meaning that even the most forgetful of people can’t burn their dinner. electstove repair Ottawaric oven repairs Ottawa


Once you found your ideal oven, it is time to think about installing it. Ovens are probably one of the hardest appliances to install, due to their size, weight and the sheer demand they place on your home’s wiring. That is why that you should always at least consider using an oven technician when installing your new oven. We at YB Appliances Ottawa would be more than happy to assist you. Call us today to book your appointment. stove repair Ottawa