Ottawa fridge repairs

Side-By-Side fridge. Pros and Cons.

If your kitchen screams innovation, a side by side fridge freezer is the perfect option for you. Keep your food and drink fresher and cooler for longer while adding a touch of glamour to your kitchen. Ottawa fridge repairs

Ottawa fridge repairs

A side by side fridge — features a fridge and a freezer of equal height and width alongside one another. They are a favorite of large families. Side by side refrigerators offer large amounts of storage for fresh and frozen goods. Most food is kept at eye level so you don’t need to strain to reach anything. Need to keep food at different temperatures? Look out for side by side fridges with independent cooling zones. Ottawa fridge repairs however

Pros Ottawa fridge repairs

  • Lots of features available, such as ice and water dispensers
  • Good storage capacity Ottawa fridge repairs
  • Best access for people in wheelchairs or kids

Cons Ottawa fridge repairs

Ottawa fridge repairs

  • Ice makers and water chillers can take up a lot of freezer space
  • Internal space is quite narrow and won’t always fit a pizza box or frozen turkey
  • Large physical form takes up a lot of space and can’t fit in a tight corner
  • Temperatures can be inconsistent between the top and bottom of the fridge

Will it fit?

Make sure your measurements allow for some room at the sides, top and rear of your new fridge so it’s got some space to vent heat from the motor. If you don’t allow for some wriggle room, you’ll spend more in the long run as the fridge will need to work harder to keep its cool. As a rule there should be at least 5cm on all sides by default, it is a wise idea to hire a fridge technician for the installation of your new fridge, since it might need some adjustments to be done.