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What Do You Do When Your Dryer Won’t Work?

Help In Ottawa! What Do You Do When Your Dryer Won’t Work?

Your clothes dryer is perhaps the most essential appliance in your Ottawa home. It not only makes laundry day easy but gives you clean clothes when you need them. Most families use dryers on a regular basis and assume they are functioning correctly. However, just like any other appliance, dryers are likely to experience issues too. As this happens, you obviously would want to get dryer repair help in Ottawa at the earliest. 

Also, at times the dryer issues are major and require professional repair. But often it is nothing more than a simple fix-it you could try yourself. Check out some of these troubleshooting tips for your malfunctioning dryer below:  

Dryer Won’t Work: What To Do Before Getting Dryer Help In Ottawa?

Dryers are those home appliances that are durable and built to last. As soon as your dryer stops working, you can check out a few things first to determine the cause of the malfunction. Through these simple checks, you can decide whether it is an easy fix, or to call a professional for your dryer repair needs.  

1. Check The Power Cord

First check that your dryer has sufficient power from the outlet. Plug in any other appliance and check that the outlet works fine. Then, check the power cord. If your clothes dryer won’t seem to start, make sure the power cord has a firm connection at both ends. And that there is no general wear and tear.  

2. Check The Fuse Or Breaker

Since you tried the above option and your dryer still doesn’t work, it is time to check the fuse or the circuit breaker. In case the circuit breaker has tripped, or the fuse has blown, replace the fuse or flip the breaker on again before you start the dryer. If you don’t see any change, call a professional appliance service company for dryer help in Ottawa. 

3. Clean The Lint Filter

Dryers have lint filters that can fill up over time especially if you use dryer sheets or fabric softener. If it takes too long for your clothes to dry, or clothes are still damp after the drying cycle, clean your lint filter. This might solve your drying issues and help reduce wasted energy costs. 

4. Check The Dryer Vents

Dryer vents are essential in the proper functioning of your clothes dryer. They haul out the moisture-laden air from your dryer and out of your home. A clogged vent will cause your dryer to take more time to complete the cycle and even heat up more. This means you need to clean it and that too on a regular basis. Plus, clogged dryer vents could also end up in a fire that might damage your home. Or even worse, cause someone to get hurt. A cracked or disconnected dryer vent will lead to a longer laundry cycle or a stinky dryer. So, if the vent is clean and has a proper connection then it is possible that something else is wrong with the dryer. And it is time to call for expert dryer help in Ottawa.   

5. Check For Strange Noises

You might hear your dryer make clinking or clattering noises during a laundry cycle. Well, it is possible that there are items that have stuck in the drum. And are colliding against the side of your dryer, or some form of debris has gotten inside the drum itself. Here, you can try to clean the unit yourself or with the help of dryer repair technicians in Ottawa. You can look through your clothes to find any items that could have been left behind in previous wash cycles. Then use a dry cloth to clean up any lint and dirt from the dryer’s interior.  

Get Dryer Repair Help In Ottawa At YB Appliance!

Dryers are one of those appliances that you won’t notice how important they are until they stop working. And it can seem like the end of the world when they suddenly break down. Well, if you find yourself in such a situation, don’t lose hope. Call our experts at YB Appliance and get dryer repair help in Ottawa today! Our dryer repair experts will bring their experience, skills, and the right gear to fix any dryer problem. And that too with minimal downtime.  

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