Kenmore Washer Repair Ottawa

Kenmore Washer Repair Ottawa

Kenmore Washer Repair OttawaKenmore Washer Repair Ottawa

Reliable, affordable, and stylish to boot. It's no wonder that Kenmore washers are a top choice for Canadian households. But sometimes problems do crop up.  Kenmore Washer Repair Ottawa

Faulty Kenmore washer

So, what sort of problems can you run into with your Kenmore washer?

Some examples of the more common problems are:

  • leaking however
  • water not filling up the drum
  • clothes still wet after the spin cycle
  • the washer does not agitate
  • the washer drum does spin
  • water not draining
  • other electrical or mechanical problems Kenmore Washer Repair Ottawa

If you are experiencing any of these problems, it is good to get your washer checked by a professional. Don't settle for the laundromat, and don't give up and buy a new washer yet!

Call YB Appliance Ottawa. Kenmore Washer Repair Ottawa

Are you in Ottawa and the surrounding areas? We also operate in Nepean, Kanata, Orleans, and Manotick. If you are in any of these areas, give YB Appliance a call!

We have professional technicians to help you get your washer back up working as soon as possible. Please schedule an appointment with us. We offer same-day service, seven days a week!

Our experienced and knowledgeable technician would be at the door on time, and ready to help! They can diagnose your problem and identify the cause. If it's something minor, maybe all you need is a little tune-up. A faulty part? That could be fixed or replaced. Correcting a problem could prolong the life of your washer and save your budget too!

After weighing all the options, you might decide to buy a brand-new washer as the last resort. If that is your choice, we can help you there too. We know how tedious removing old appliances and replacing with a new one is. No such worries with YB Appliance Ottawa around! We can help install your new washer so you can use it immediately with peace of mind.

Do not hesitate, call YB Appliance Ottawa today!

Kenmore Washer Repair Ottawa