Dual Washers

Doing laundry is one of the chores that could take a lot of time. In most cases we need to do more than one load. Different fabric, different colors, and different types of things should be treated differently. For this reason we have to wait for the washer to be done with one load to start running another. Or, maybe, you have just a very small load needed to be done quickly… Fortunately, a couple of brands came up with the idea how to make our lives a little easier. LG was first to introduce their washing machines with TwinWash system. A few years later, Samsung followed with their FlexWash washing machine. The idea of this kind of washers is still innovative nowadays.

Which brand is better?


Both washers have dual chambers that can run different cycles simultaneously. But while Samsung actually built in the additional compartment on top, LG got it as a SideKick pedestal in the bottom. It might be easier to reach the top chamber. This would make Samsung FlexWash more convenient for some of us.


Either of them can deal only with 3-4lbs loads on cold or warm cycles. None of them have hot water cycle. According to consumer reports, neither of the “mini” washers can clean as well as main ones. These additional comprtments would work great only with slightly soiled loads.Comparison of the main washers is impossible at this point. It all depends on the features of LG washing machine we combine it with.


Buying LG washing machine and their TwingWash system together makes it more expensive than paying for just one Samsung washing unit. Though it is possible to install LG sidekick to your old LG washer. It’s compatible with models made after 2009, or, now, it is possible to install it under any LG front-control dryer made since 2017.