French Door Fridge

French door (Bottom mount freezer with a two door fridge)

French door fridges combine the convenience of a bottom mount fridge with good capacity and extra features.

A French door fridge is for those who like their kitchen appliances to be a design feature of the room. They tend to feature bottom mounted freezers for convenience. French door fridges have two doors that open outwards to reveal the fridge cavity. They tend to offer excellent in-door storage. Most French door fridges feature an ice dispenser, a water dispenser or both. These are either plumbed in or come with a fillable water tank.


  • Lots of features available like ice and water dispensers
  • Good storage capacity
  • Both fridge and freezer are wide enough for large platters and bulk foods
  • All the benefits of a bottom mount fridge


  • Ice makers and water chillers can take up a lot of fridge space
  • Large physical form takes up a lot of space and can’t fit in a tight corner
  • Costs more to buy

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