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What fridges does LG offer?

When buying a fridge or freezer you should start from it’s size, after that always consider which way you want the door to open. Some fridge doors can be manually reversed with special reversing kits, but it’s usually easier to simply buy a suitable fridge from day one. Once you have decided, what kind of features and exterior your ideal fridge should have, it is time to choose it’s brand. However, keep in mind, the finish of the fridge will affect it cost: LG fridge repairs Ottawa





– The cheapest option

– Goes well with most kitchen designs

– Does not show fingerprints

– Not very exciting

– Shows up grubby marks

Stainless Steel 

– Modern look

– Goes well with most kitchen designs

– Easy to match with other appliances

– Can show fingerprint marks

– More expensive than white enamel


– Sophisticated look

– Goes well with most kitchen designs

– Can be tricky to match with other appliances

– More expensive than stainless steel

LG fridges offer you energy efficient designs, stunning exterior finishes, and so much more. Not just fridges, LG fridges offer you smart connectivity features, LED internal lighting to save electricity and reduce heat, and faster cooling. If you’re looking for your next fridge, LG fridges are an ideal choice for any home. LG fridge repairs Ottawa

What fridges does LG offer? LG fridge repairs Ottawa

Top-Mount Fridges LG fridge repairs OttawaLG fridge repairs Ottawa

The old top-mount fridge is a family favorite among Canada households. Here, LG offers a sizeable unit (GT-515BPL) – 515L in fact. This fridge is great for if you want easy access to the freezer department – no more bending down to put the Christmas ham in the freezer! It’s suitable for a mid-sized family, and the fridge volume is 360L while the freezer is 155L. Its features are:

  • Anti-fingerprint steel finish LG fridge repairs Ottawa
  • Digital sensors for more efficient cooling moreover

LG fridge repairs OttawaBottom-Mount Fridges

LG also has the bottom-mount fridge market covered, with the 450L (GB-450UPLX) unit pictured. 450L makes it suitable for a small-midsized family, with 295L in fridge volume, and 155L for the freezer. It is feature-packed and finished in a slick stainless steel. Its key features are:

  • Anti-fingerprint finish LG fridge repairs Ottawa
  • Digital sensors for more efficient refrigeration
  • Smart diagnosis to troubleshoot problems with ease
  • Ample and flexible storage solutions

French Door FridgesLG fridge repairs Ottawa

The most standout model is the 730L unit (GF-SD730SL). This is the mac-daddy of the refrigeration world, and 730L makes it a gargantuan unit. It’s finished in a striking stainless steel finish, and it features:

  • Ice and water dispenser LG fridge repairs Ottawa
  • Smart Diagnosis system for easy troubleshooting of issues
  • ‘Door-in-Door’ technology means up to 41 per cent less cold air loss, for as efficient operation as possible
  • Three-layered freezer organization for accessibility, including a freezer drawer for ultimate usability


Overall, LG fridges are reliable and well designed. They suit Canadian standards and condition. Easily cleaned and maintained. LG fridge will be a perfect add-on to your kitchen. however

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