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Appliance Energy Efficiency: How To Save On Utility Bills In Ottawa

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Appliance Energy Efficiency: How To Save On Utility Bills In Ottawa

Your home appliances are the major contributors to your overall utility bill in Ottawa. And as a local home or business owner you always find ways to save on it. But how do you really do that? Well, one of the first steps is to use energy efficient appliances at home. Inefficient appliances will add to your utility costs and maximize your carbon footprint. Also, the seasonal weather extremes of Ottawa compel you to improve energy efficiency of appliances. This means you can implement smart-energy usage habits and save on utility bills in Ottawa.  

Saving On Utility Bills In Ottawa

Through optimizing the energy efficiency of everyday appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves, etc., you can save on utility bills in Ottawa. Let us see how: 


Refrigerators are probably the most used appliance in any household. They need to stay on 24/7 to keep your food fresh and fit to eat. Here, you can monitor and adjust the temperature settings of your fridge appliance on a regular basis. And even based on the weather. You also need to keep the condenser coils clean and dirt-free to improve efficiency. YB Appliance are your maintenance and repair partner in Ottawa where we offer scheduled maintenance for your fridge appliance.  

Moreover, the door seals on your refrigerator should always be tight and clean. Use mild soap and water to clean the door seals from time to time. Another thing you can do here is keep the contents of your refrigerator organized. This will allow better air flow which in turn would improve appliance energy efficiency. Moreover, there are many refrigerators available that come with the setting of eco-mode. So, when you are away on weekends, you can use this setting to save on utility bills in Ottawa. 

Dishwasher Appliance

Your dishwasher is another appliance that you need every day to keep your dishes clean and sparkling. You can improve its efficiency through regular maintenance and cleaning. Always keep the filter and door seal clean and get rid of any debris. Avoid partial loads but also don’t overload your dishwasher. You can use the air-dry option instead of a heat-dry cycle to dry your dishes. And if you own a high-end dishwasher with eco-friendly cycles, then you can use that to save on water and the utility bill.  

Cooking Appliances 

Just like your dishwasher, you might use your oven and stove on a regular basis. And it can be one of the ways to save on utility bills in Ottawa. Besides the regular maintenance of the cooking appliances, you can use the right kind and size of cookware. Refer the manual for the ideal cookware for cooking on that model of oven and stove. You can also use lids to cover the pots and pans while cooking food or boiling water. If your oven and stove have energy-saving features, then use that when necessary. YB Appliance in Ottawa also provides tips and tricks to add to the shelf-life of your cooking appliances.  Trust us to offer complete appliance maintenance solutions at affordable prices. 

Laundry Appliances

Today, there are many energy-efficient models of washers and dryers available on the market. You can opt for those and save considerably on utility bills in Ottawa. Also, you can use cold water for washing cycle, wash and dry full loads of clothes and clean dryer lint before each cycle. You can even use high-speed spin cycles for quicker drying time.

Small-sized Appliances

Most home and business owners in Ottawa use small appliances. You can also make your small appliances more energy-efficient by unplugging them when not in use. Always go for energy efficient models, and the one that has multi-function, and programmable features.  

Conduct An Energy Audit And Save On Utility Bills In Ottawa

Do an audit of your home’s energy usage at regular intervals. This can help identify the areas where energy is wasted or used inefficiently. It will also give you recommendations to maximize appliance energy efficiency and save on utility costs in Ottawa.  

Appliance Energy Efficiency With YB Appliance

As you follow these simple tips and make sustainable changes while using your appliances, you can definitely save on your overall utility costs. Plus, regular maintenance service by YB Appliance can help you address hidden appliance issues and fix them on time. That said, let us help you make energy efficient appliances choices for your home appliances and save on utility bills in Ottawa. 

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