sub-zero refrigerator repair

Hiring a Professional for Your Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair

Your refrigerator is an essential piece of your home. And if you are in the market for a new fridge, consider the options available from Sub-Zero.

Why choose a Sub-Zero refrigerator?

Well-known as a top-of-the-line brand, Sub-Zero is designed to suit your space. With many customizable options, your fridge will become so much more than just a place to store milk and eggs.

First, choose from standard appliance finishes. Or custom-order a unit to match your cabinets.  Then measure your kitchen and select the design that fits your exact layout. Finally, decide on a layout that suits your family’s needs. Do you want a freezer on the bottom or top? How many shelves and how are they arranged? A Sub-Zero fridge will be a part of your kitchen design in the most stylish way possible!

Beyond just looking amazing, Sub-Zero refrigerators take food storage very seriously! Your food will stay fresh longer and you will waste less because of Sub-Zero’s unique design. By controlling humidity, temperature, and air quality, your refrigerator will cut down your grocery bill and deliver superior quality.

When your Sub-Zero fridge stops working.

If you’ve invested in a new Sub-Zero refrigerator, you deserve to have it running at peak efficiency! So it pays to be aware of some of the common issues you may experience with any refrigerator:

  • The refrigerator is noisy.
  • The ice maker stops working.
  • The fridge cools but the freezer does not.
  • Water is leaking inside or outside the fridge.
  • Ice build-up in the freezer.
  • The fridge quits working.

Simply put, when something goes wrong with your Sub-Zero refrigerator, you need to know… however

Who can you trust with your work of culinary art and genius?

At YB Appliance Ottawa, you will find reliable professionals familiar with all makes and models of refrigerators. We will send out a certified technician who can pinpoint your problem and perform the repair quickly. Hiring a professional is a wise choice. They can help extend the life of your appliances by handling all your repair needs with care.

We follow our service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So make us your first call when your Sub-Zero fridge needs repair or maintenance!