Clothes Dryer Won’t Turn On

Clothes Dryer Won’t Turn On

Clothes Dryer Won’t Turn On

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When a clothes dryer fails to start, there can be a host of culprits responsible behind this issue. Clothes dryer consist of intricate electrical components that can malfunction, interrupt the power connection to the motor or the heating element. That’s because, over time and use, these electrical components undergo wear and tear and eventually fail to function, however, some failures are a result of improper upkeep that needs to be addressed such as clogged vents or lint traps.

1. Interrupted Power Connection

Incoming power connection may be a potent cause behind dryer not working. Whether you have electric or a gas dryer, you need to plug into a wall socket and ensure a smooth flow of power supply. If you see something wrong, you can unplug the dryer and plug some other device into the socket and give it a try. Even after these efforts, if you find your device refusing to start, then a fuse or circuit breaker can be at fault.

2. Damaged Door or Start Buttons

If either one of the door or start button is faulty, your clothes dryer won’t start. Blame the door switch if it’s not making a ‘click’ noise when you try pushing it with your hands. You can begin troubleshooting either the start button or door switch with the help of a multi-meter. To inspect the start button, you need to remove the control panel cover and loosen screws at first, depending upon your individual washing machine model. As far as the door switch is concerned, it’s usually mounted on the dryer housing and you can easily inspect it without removing the dryer cover.

3.Power Problems

Incoming power may be the issue if it’s an electric dryer that isn’t working. To check this, unplug the dryer and plug something else in the outlet. If the device won’t turn on, then a circuit breaker or fuse could be at fault. If the circuit breaker or fuse is functioning, then use a multi-meter tester to check the outlet.

4.Main Control Board

It’s not often that the main control board is to blame if your drying won’t work. However, if you’ve determined that all of the above parts are in good shape, you’ll probably want to replace the main control board. While there’s no easy test to see if it’s functioning, the main control board sometimes shows signs of burning or a shorted out component if it’s defective.


A dryer’s timer is essentially your last hope since it seldom breaks. If none of the parts above are faulty, it may be time to replace the timer. As with the main control board, you can’t easily test a timer to see if it’s functioning, so your best bet is to just replace it