lg washing machine error code

Decoding LG Washing Machine Error Codes: A Comprehensive List

LG washing machines are known for their innovative features and advanced technology, making laundry chores more efficient and convenient. However, like any electronic appliance, LG washers may sometimes encounter issues that are signaled by error codes. Understanding these codes is crucial for troubleshooting and resolving problems. In this post, we present a comprehensive list of LG washing machine error codes, providing insights into possible issues and recommended actions.

  1. OE Error Code:
    • Indicates a drainage issue.
    • Check for kinks or clogs in the drain hose. Ensure the drain filter is clean and the pump is functioning correctly.
  2. IE Error Code:
    • Signifies a water inlet problem.
    • Examine the water supply valves and hoses for any obstructions. Ensure proper water pressure.
  3. UE Error Code:
    • Indicates an unbalanced load.
    • Redistribute the clothes inside the drum for balanced weight. Use a lower spin speed for heavy or large items.
  4. LE Error Code:
    • Suggests a motor overload.
    • Allow the washer to cool for 30 minutes. If the problem persists, check for obstructions in the drum and reduce the load.
  5. DE Error Code:
    • Signals a door lock error.
    • Inspect the door latch and locking mechanism. Clean any debris and ensure proper closure.
  6. PE Error Code:
    • Indicates a pressure sensor problem.
    • Check for kinks in the air tube connected to the pressure sensor. Ensure the sensor is functioning correctly.
  7. FE Error Code:
    • Signifies an overfilling issue.
    • Turn off the water supply and check for kinks in the inlet hoses. Verify the water pressure and clean the water inlet valve filter.
  8. CE Error Code:
    • Indicates a communication error between the main control board and the motor.
    • Restart the machine after a brief pause. If the issue persists, professional assistance may be required.
  9. TE Error Code:
    • Suggests a problem with the temperature sensor.
    • Check the wiring and connections of the temperature sensor. Replace the sensor if necessary.
  10. IE Error Code:
    • Signals a water level sensor problem.
    • Inspect the water level sensor and its connections. Replace the sensor if needed.
  11. LE1 or EE Error Code:
    • Indicates a locked motor error.
    • Check for obstructions in the drum and ensure the motor is functioning properly.
  12. PF Error Code:
    • Signifies a power failure.
    • Restart the washing machine. If the problem persists, check the power supply and electrical connections.

Remember, this list provides a general overview of LG washing machine error codes, and specific models may have additional codes or variations. Always refer to the user manual for your particular LG washer for accurate information.


Understanding LG washing machine error codes empowers users to identify and address issues promptly. In many cases, simple troubleshooting steps can resolve the problem. However, if you encounter persistent error codes or are unsure about the solution, seeking professional assistance, such as YB Appliance Repair in Ottawa, can ensure a thorough diagnosis and effective resolution. Keep this comprehensive list handy for quick reference and enjoy the optimal performance of your LG washing machine.