Kenmore dryer Repair Ottawa

Kenmore Fridge Repair Ottawa

Kenmore Fridge Repair Ottawa

Kenmore fridges are a staple appliance in many Canadian homes. With a spacious interior and a beautiful exterior, the Kenmore fridge offers excellent cooling features for storing your food and produce. Kenmore Fridge Repair Ottawa

But what if your Kenmore Fridge starts to act up?

For minor problems like burned-out light bulbs or fridge not cooling as it used to, you might be able to fix yourself. Take a trip down to your local hardware store, buy a new fridge light bulb, and swap it with the old one and voila, good as new!

For reduced cooling performance, get a fridge thermometer, again from your friendly local hardware store. Alberta Health Services recommends setting your fridge to below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Adjust your temperature controller accordingly.

Another way to solve for cooling performance is to make sure that your coils and fridge door seals are clean. Dirty coils could clog up your motors and compressors. Dirty door seals allow warm air to seep into the fridge.

But, what if after all these efforts, your Kenmore fridge is still not cooling properly? Or what if it was other problems you are facing, like leaks or weird noises? however

Time to call in the professionals. Kenmore Fridge Repair Ottawa

If your fridge is leaking, too warm, or making clunky noises, you should call in a licensed technician from YB Appliance Ottawa. We are ready to help!

Some fridge repair issues are pretty common. Our competent technicians could quickly diagnose and repair your fridge problem on the same day!

Other problems can be more complicated, but rest assured that our technicians are ready to advise and provide a recommendation that suits your budget and convenience. It could be a major overhaul or even purchasing a brand new fridge!

Whatever your choice, our mission is to make sure you are happy and satisfied with the results. Kenmore Fridge Repair Ottawa

Kenmore Fridge Repair Ottawa