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Clean your dryer lint trap screen

Clean your dryer lint trap screen

If you own a dryer, then you should be changing your lint trap screen on a regular basis. It’s easy (takes two seconds), and the consequences of not changing it can be rather intense.

Failing to clean the lint trap screen is far too often the source of a fire. The problem is that the task is so menial. Therefore people often forget to change them.

While changing them is essential for your dryer to work with maximum efficiency, cleaning your lint trap is also quite important.

Why clean your dryer lint trap screen?

There are several reasons that you should clean your dryer lint trap screen. First, it can extend the heating element life. Second, it helps your dryer to dry your clothes more quickly. And thirdly, it can keep your energy bill down.

So simply clearing it isn’t enough?

The truth is, you don’t have to clean your lint trap that often (most people never do). However, if you’re looking to get the most out of your appliance, then cleaning your dryer lint trap can help.

Here’s a step by step process that will leave you dryer lint trap screen clean and working like new!

Start by taking out your lint trap screen and removing the larger bits of lint by hand. However, since we’re cleaning, we have to be more thorough. So grab your vacuum cleaner and get all of the smaller bits of lint that you can’t grab by hand.

Next, you’ll want to grab your lint trap and wash it in warm water with some soap.

While the lint trap is drying, take a few minutes to vacuum the slot that holds the lint trap. No doubt there’s some leftover lint and dust–you’ll be impressed by how much stuff you find lingering in there. Ideally, you should use a slimmer extension (it’ll enable you to be more thorough).

Like all devices, and machines, your dryer requires maintenance from time to time. It helps your appliance work more efficiently which will provide you with better results.

Cleaning your lint trap is a fast procedure–and a necessary one. By taking ten minutes out of your day, every few months, you’ll be able to get the most out of your dryer. And the best part is you can do it with minimal equipment!

So do yourself and you dryer a favor and keep your lint trap clean!

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