Washing machine won't drain or spin - Tips From YB Appliance Ottawa

Washing machine won’t drain or spin – Tips From YB Appliance Ottawa

Washing Machine Won’t Drain or Spin – Expert Tips from YB Appliance Ottawa


Dealing with a washing machine that won’t drain or spin can be a significant inconvenience, disrupting your daily routine and laundry schedule. YB Appliance Ottawa, with their extensive expertise in appliance repair, offers valuable insights and actionable tips to help you address and fix this issue.

Understanding the Problem

It’s essential to grasp why your washing machine might be failing to drain or spin. Common reasons include blockages in the drain system, malfunctioning lid switches, or issues with the machine’s belts or motor. Identifying the root cause is crucial for effective troubleshooting.

Step-by-Step Troubleshooting Guide

  1. Check the Drain Hose: A common culprit for drainage issues is a clogged or kinked drain hose. Ensure that the hose is not twisted or obstructed. If necessary, detach the hose and flush it with water to remove any blockages.
  2. Inspect the Pump: Blockages in the pump can also prevent the machine from draining and spinning. Access the pump according to your washer’s manual and clear any debris that might be causing obstructions.
  3. Examine the Lid Switch: For safety reasons, washing machines are designed not to spin if the lid is open. A faulty lid switch could be misinforming the machine that the lid is open even when it’s closed. Check the switch for any signs of wear or damage.
  4. Look at the Drive Belt: A worn or broken drive belt can prevent the washing machine from spinning. Inspect the belt to see if it’s intact and properly tensioned. If the belt shows signs of wear or damage, it may need replacement.
  5. Test the Motor: If the above steps don’t resolve the issue, the problem might lie with the washing machine’s motor. This is a more complex issue that might require professional assistance.

When to Call a Professional

While some problems can be fixed with DIY methods, others require the expertise of a professional. If you’ve attempted the troubleshooting steps without success, or if the issue involves complex components like the motor, seeking professional help is advisable. Technicians from YB Appliance Ottawa are well-equipped to handle such repairs, ensuring your washing machine is restored to its optimal function.

Preventive Measures

To prevent future issues with your washing machine not draining or spinning, regular maintenance and mindful usage are key. Avoid overloading the machine, routinely check and clean the drain hose and pump filter, and ensure the machine is level on the ground. These practices can help mitigate common problems and extend the life of your appliance.


A washing machine that won’t drain or spin can pose a significant challenge, but with the right approach, many issues can be effectively resolved. From simple DIY fixes to knowing when to call in the experts, understanding the cause of the problem and taking appropriate action is essential. For complex or persistent issues, YB Appliance Ottawa provides professional repair services to help get your appliance back in working condition.