Top-Load vs. Front-Load

Top-Load vs. Front-Load: 4 Things to Consider

If you are in the market for a new washer this year, the first choice you will face is between top-loading and front-loading. So what is the best choice for you? There are quite a few factors, so let’s look at some of them.

Consider your space

Look at the size and shape of your laundry room. Depending on your layout, do you need a stackable pair? Think about which way the door would swing, realizing some models have doors that can be installed either way. Do you have shelves or cupboards that make one model preferable to the other?

If you are planning on front-loading, also consider whether you will want pedestals for your pair. It can become hard on the back to haul loads of wet towels from washer to dryer when you have to bend in half to do it!

Cleaning power

There was a myth when front-loading machines first came to the market: top-loaders got your clothes cleaner because of the agitating motion and using more water. But this is actually not true. Front-load washers turn both directions, causing clothes to beat against the drum. This results in laundry coming out just as clean as from the top-loading counterparts.

Wear and tear on clothes

Since front-loading washers do not have agitators, they are more gentle on your clothes. Top-loaders, however, have changed over the years to improve in this area. Not all have the old-style agitators anymore, having been replaced by either smaller, gentler impellers to move the load around, or a newer dual-action agitator.


The volume of clothing you can fit in your washer depends more on the particular model, rather than whether it’s top- or front-loading. Both versions have large-capacity versions, though the agitator in a top-load might affect how your load can be distributed.

So which will you choose?

Of course, there are many more factors to consider, such as price, efficiency, and more unique features like smart technology. But with this article, you can begin to narrow down your choices and start down the path to the right decision for you.