Top 3 Reasons to Buy an Electrolux Front-Load Washer

A washer is an important investment for your home. You need to choose a machine that is reliable and does what it promises. Well, an Electrolux front-load washer offers several unique design features to make the most of your laundry time. The Electrolux 5.1 cubic foot front-load washer with Smart-Boost Steam Technology might be your dream come true!

Here are three of the top reasons we recommend this high-end option.

World’s first Adaptive Dispenser(tm)

You might not think about your washer’s dispenser. But if you prefer laundry pods to other detergents, you will notice they don’t work well with most front-load machines. However, this Electrolux model is specially designed to hold laundry pods. So you can clean your clothes with your favorite detergent, no matter what shape it comes in!

Perfect Steam(tm)

We all know stains happen. Grass stains from soccer practice. Spaghetti sauce from an exciting night of cooking. Kid’s crafts that just don’t stop!

What if your washer did the heavy lifting when it comes to stain removal? The Electrolux Perfect Steam(tm) feature does just that. It works by releasing steam from the bottom of the washer, to gently lift out dirt and stains before the wash cycle. Let your washer take care of even the toughest stains. No more worrying that putting it in the wash only set the stain in deeper!

15-minute fast wash cycle

Now this is a feature we can all get behind! Everyone needs more time in their day. Now you can have it by tackling your laundry in a fraction of the time.

Even if your daughter forgot all about the basketball jersey she needs for today’s game, Electrolux has your back. With a quick wash cycle that takes only fifteen minutes, you can check laundry off your list faster.

With these amazing features and more, the Electrolux 5.1 cubic foot front-load washer is top of its class. If you decide to bring one home today, call YB Appliance Ottawa to help install it and get you washing in no time! however