Small Switches to Improve Energy Efficiency in Your Appliances

We all know how energy costs seem to always be on the rise. It’s a necessary expense in your monthly budget. But what if you could shave a few dollars off your bill? It’s possible with a few small switches in the way you use your household appliances.

Unplug small appliances when not in use

Do you keep your toaster, coffee maker, or blender plugged in all day, even though you only use them occasionally? These appliances still eat up a small amount of current even if you’re not using them. Unplugging them will make a difference in your monthly energy usage.

Use the right size burner on your stove

Your stovetop likely has a few different size burners. Some even have variable size burners in one. Choose the one that is closest in size to the pot or pan you’re going to use. Using too small of a burner means your food may not cook evenly. But having too big of a burner results in wasted power. Your stove will be working to heat the air around your pot, rather than just the pot itself.

Use the right size for your laundry load

It’s also important to choose the correct size load on your washing machine. Using the super-size setting for a few items is a waste of not only energy but also water, as the tub will fill with far more water than necessary. Choose the smallest load you can while still getting your clothes clean.

Clean your dryer vent

Over time, lint will build up in your dryer. This is a problem for two reasons. The first is, of course, efficiency. You may find your laundry is taking longer to dry. Having to put your towels on for more than one cycle probably means it’s time to clean out more than just the lint trap!

The other reason to clean your vent is safety. A plugged dryer vent is a serious fire risk. The lint that has filled your vent will heat up as you run your dryer, potential causing a fire. Cleaning your vent regularly, either on your own, or by hiring a professional, will keep you safe and reduce costs.

These tips will help you trim down your energy costs. However, if you are looking to take the next step in energy efficiency, consider installing new Energy Star appliances in your home. Here at YB Appliance, we can assist with installation as well as maintenance going forward. however