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Maytag Dryer Repair Services

You probably bought your Maytag dryer because you wanted a dryer engineered for performance, convenience, and control. Features like Advanced Moisture Sensing technology, as well as the steam refresh and sanitize cycles, ensure your clothes come out looking fresh. And what working person would not want the wrinkle prevention option? Anything that cuts down on ironing time is a must-have indeed!

But what to do when your Maytag dryer is no longer running smoothly? If you are in Nepean, Kanata, Orleans, Manotick, or anywhere in Ottawa, give us a call at 613-898-4290!  We provide same-day service and work seven days a week. Maytag Dryer Repair

Typical Dryer Problems. Maytag Dryer Repair.

When you call, do let our friendly Maytag dryer repair customer service know what the problem is. The more information we have, the better prepared our experienced technicians can be.

For instance, is your Maytag dryer not starting? It could be caused by thermal fuse, motor, or switch issue. Did your dryer stopped spinning or is the dryer drum not turning? The dryer drum usually causes these types of problems. Maybe it’s the drum itself, the axle, or the bearings. Does your dryer take too long, or won’t stop, or is it overheating? These problems are usually related to the sensor and control systems. It can become a safety issue as well, so you should think about fixing these problems quickly! Not to mention the rise in your utility bills!

There are a couple of other issues that may seem trivial, but should also be checked as soon as possible. The first is if your dryer vibrates a lot or makes clanking noises. Your dryer is likely off-balance. If your dryer is screeching or squealing instead, then it could be worn drum bearings or supports. however

Whatever the Problem Is, We Are Here to Help!

YB Appliance Ottawa provides comprehensive Maytag dryer repair services in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. We are professional, reliable, and affordable, so do not hesitate to call us today!