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How to keep your washer clean

How to keep your washer clean

How to keep your washer clean

Do you know how to keep your washer clean?

While asking how to keep your device–that is designed to clean things–clean may seem counter-intuitive, it’s a serious question.

Honestly, who knew that washing machines required cleaning? It turns out that these machines require a little love from time to time.

A dirty washer will not be as effective when it comes to cleaning your fabrics. And it only makes sense. How can anyone expect a dirty machine to produce clean clothes?

Keeping your washer clean is integral to having clean clothes. So what do you need to do to keep your washer clean?

Keep your washer clean

Over time, the minerals and soap residue from common detergents will build up in your washer. And that’s the stuff that ultimately dirties your machine.

You may have noticed that your clothes no longer have that fresh feel when they come out of your washer. Most of the time it could be that your laundry loads are too big. However, if you’ve owned your washer for a long time and you’ve never cleaned it–it might be time to clean the washer.

Here’s an easy and affordable way to clean your washer.


All you need are two ingredients.

One quart of bleach (although you can skip this if you don’t want to use harsh agents in your laundry)
One quart of white vinegar

The cleaning process

The first step on how to clean your washer is to fill the empty washer with hot water. Then, you’ll need to add the quart of bleach.

Next, you need to let the machine run for a minute in order to mix the water and bleach. After everything is mixed nicely, simply leave the washer open and let it sit for an hour.

Once the hour is over, close the lid and run a full cycle. This will clear out the bleach in the process.

Afterwards, you’ll want to repeat the same steps, only this time you will use the quart of white vinegar. Let the machine run for a minute in order to mix the white vinegar and water, then open the lid and let the concoction sit for another hour.

Once again, run another cycle and let it clear out.

To finish things out, you’ll want to clean all of the gaskets, dispensers, as well as the exterior of your machine. Spray everything down with vinegar and water, and then wipe it down with a cloth.

You should notice that the basin has a different feel to it than before you did the cleaning. And of course you’ll probably notice a drastic improvement in the quality of the laundry moving forward.